Return Policy

How do I return a product?
Customer will contact the support team via chat on Perfume Centre Limited, you can chat with us. You will need to capture the order number, product name, location of customer and date the product was received if request for return is made via the email.

How long do I have before requesting for a return?
The customer has 7 days to make the return request from the day the item was delivered. After 7 days returns will not be processed.

How long will it take before the return items are collected?
Items will be collected within 24 hours after placing the return request.

How long will it take before returned items are delivered back to me?
The returned items will take 7 days from the day the items were picked from me, that is, if the returned items were picked from me on Mon. the 13th, you will get the replacement product on Monday the 20th.

Can I track my return?
At the moment you will not be able to personally track the return, but you can contact the support via chat for details on your return item.

Will I be charged for the returned items?
You will not be charged unless it’s a change of mind on the product. All other conditions, there will be no charges.

Note: The customer will have to make payments directly Via M-PESA during collection.